Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yea!  It feels so great to be finishing up this semester.  The readings for this course were very informative.  I especially liked the chapter, Online Social Networking - Chapter 7 from Library 2.0 and Beyond.  As someone who has just started using Facebook, I liked reading about all that can be done and proper etiquette to follow when using such sites.  Also, understanding how online social networking can be used within the library gave me some really great ideas to try. 
I also liked the chapter, Professional Development - Chapter 13 from Technology and the School Library.  Sitting through in-services that are just time fillers and give little help to teachers seem to waste both time and money.  This chapter talked about how to choose a topic for an in-service that would be beneficial to faculty and staff.  It gave many different examples of topics to choose, and provided tips on how to make the in-service a success!  I think the library is the core technology center of the school.  It is important for the librarian to be knowledgeable in the different technologies available in the school.  I would enjoy hosting and presenting an in-service to the faculty that would help them incorporate technology into their classroom.  I will use this chapter as a resource when planning an inservice.

Courtney, N. (2007). Library 2.0 and beyond. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited.

Jurkowski, O. (2006). Technology and the school library. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press.