Monday, October 19, 2009

Week #7 Thing #16

I love the idea of wikis!  I used one for the first time in one of my classes to create a library budget.  It was great to not keep sending emails to other members in my group to discuss things and approve changes.  We just got on the wiki, edited it, and kept working.  I think wikis are such an asset to group projects.  Students can work on their project at their convienence.  It is such a time saver when everyone is busy and have tight schedules.  I think this is a great place to start when introducing technology into the classroom.
For an introduction to wikis, I enjoyed the video Wikis in Plain English.  It really shows the basics for wikis.  Many people have heard/used Wikipedia, but don't know how the true concept of wikis works.  This video provides a good introduction to those who are going to be using wikis. 
I checked out some of the wikis listed on the Classroom Learning 2.0 Week #7 Thing #16 page.  Some of the links I looked out were no longer available, however I still found some interesting wikis that I explored.
I liked: 
Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki - What an awesome way for Librarians to find out things that work for them.
Teacher Librarian Wiki - I checked out the Very Cool Ideas section, Links to other wikis and New Librarians just to name a few.
I will definitely keep these as resources to use when I become a school librarian!


  1. The budget wiki was also my first and only experience with wikis prior to this class. I agree that it was an easy way for a small group to work together on a project. It is interesting to experience and compare a small project wiki to the Wikipedia and some of the other larger wikis. There are so many possibilities!

  2. you can make a wiki of good wikis...