Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week #8 Thing #19

I was excited to learn about LibraryThing.  I like the idea of keeping a catalog of the books I have and to share with others the books I think are noteworthy.  I also think it is a great way to explore what others are reading who have the same interests.  There seems to be a lot of facets to LibraryThing.  I took the tour and think the site would be a great way to connect with other book lovers!  LibraryThing Local seems like a great way to know what is going on in your area.  I am going to keep exploring the site - expecially the groups, talks and author chats.  I love the blog widget!  Here is my catalog for books that go along with my Coin Designer Webquest.  The books I chose were in other members' catalogs.  They ranged from 7 to 63 members.  Enjoy!

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