Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week #6 Thing #13

I love the idea of social bookmarking.  I had heard of Deli.cio.us, but I had never checked into it before.  When I was reading up on it, I first clicked on a link for a beginners guide to the site.  Unfortunately, the link did not work.  I then clicked on the link for Several habits of wildly successful Deli.cio.us users.  I was really surprised that the article was dated 2005.  I had no idea it had been around for at least 4 years!  The article was a great place to start.  I then checked out SJLibraryLearning2 Deli.cio.us account.  I played around with a couple of the tags and found 100 free Library 2.0 Webinars and Tutorials.  This was very interesting and I bookmarked it for future reference.  I also looked at some of the library tags to see what was available.  I then did some general searching and looked at some tags of personal interest.
I think using social bookmarking can be very valuable.  Specifically, I like that you can find your favorite sites regardless of what computer you are on.  While I typically use one computer, I can see this being very valuable for students in a school setting.  Also, I like the idea of researching a topic and seeing what other people have tagged under the same topic.  It can really provide paths that I might not have thought about before.

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