Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week #5 Thing #12

The idea for Rollyo is wonderful for the educational environment.  Too many times teachers give students an assignment which requires them to look for information on the Web.  The sites searched are not always sites that can be trusted with accurate information.  Creating a list of websites that students may search within is a great idea.  I definitely would use Rollyo to know that my students were going to sites I trust.  I did have a problem with the slowness of the site.  I spent hours on the website - at least half of the time was waiting - I was using Internet Explorer.
I chose to create a list of sites on learning about money for elementary aged children.  Learning about money is a requirement to living in the real world.  I know the importance of this from being a math teacher and working in a retail setting for many years.  Now, I see how kids struggle with learning about money, making change, and adding different coin values.
Here is a link to my Rollyo : Money4Kids

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  1. I think you picked a really useful topic, and one that sometimes gets ignored...kids seem to know even less about money than I remember knowing, and most of their knowledge comes from hands-on experience. Great list!