Monday, November 2, 2009

Week #9 Thing #20

Okay, going on YouTube to complete an assignment can actually end up taking hours!  It is so much fun to look around at what people post and videos that bring up good memories.  I looked at some of the videos listed for this week's assignment.  There are many cute videos to watch.  The listing for commercials gave me an idea of a commercial I wanted to find.  It was a video of Fonzie (from Happy Days) getting a library card.  I remember hearing that after the airing of that commerical, the number of library cards issued soared.  However, I couldn't find it on YouTube - I was a little disappointed.  I then stumbled across this video of Mo Willems.  I love his books!  I chose this video because I love seeing a connection between a favorite story and the person who wrote it.  I also think that giving students the opportunity to "meet" the author lets them see that authors are regular people just like them!

I like the idea of using videos and video clips in the classroom.  There are many different possibilities - like using someone else's video, creating your own to post on the site, or having the students do video projects for class.  My biggest concern with the site is allowing students access to it.  Even though there are some great videos on the site, there are even more that would not be appropriate for a school setting.  I would be anxious to hear how teachers have dealt with the issue in their classroom.

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