Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week #9 Thing #23

Yea!  I made it through The 23 Things!  I had so much fun doing all the projects!  I am so grateful for this program and the creators who made the process easy to follow and provided such wonderful activities.  I learned so many things.  I think my favorite discoveries were Image Generators, RSS, Rollyo, LibraryThing, and all the great links to available resources!

Going through this program has helped me realize that I don't have to be afraid of technology.  It is there to help me, and there are plenty of tutorials on how to learn and use the technology.  The biggest thing that I will take away from this experience is that I need to stay in the loop of technology.  When I hear about something new, I need to investigate it and find out if it is something I want to use!

I think the only thing that could have been better about the program is for the links to have all been current and working.  There were some links that sounded interesting, but they just weren't available.  Those links should be replaced.  I would definitely be interested in other discovery programs!  They are nonthreatening and a wonderful way to enhance your skills and knowledge.

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