Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Book Overload! Week #3 Thing #5

Library 002
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This is a picture of a day without technology. Take a look at the computer - see how there is nothing on the screen? Yeah, the system is down. Now look at all the books on the counter. Those are all the books that need to be checked in - but, we need the computer for that. It is hard to live without technology in the library. Hopefully it will be up and running tomorrow!


  1. It's funny how much we rely on technology, considering that it wasn't that long ago that libraries and schools did everything by hand...I hope the system is up and running now!

  2. Hi, LibraryGirl!

    Rut-Row, looks like a lot of catching up to do when the computers go down! We have had this happen at the academic library where I work. It usually only happens for an hour or two and only because they are working on or updating our system. We shift over to "manual mode" where we jot down the name and ID number of the items being checked in (discharged) and jot down the patron names and Item ID numbers of the items that are being checked out.

    Yes, we actually resort to the old pen and paper technique, and when the system is up and running we enter it all in to the Sirsi Symphony program so we don't lose track of anything. This moments really put things in perspective and reminds me of how much work, paper, and labor went into many library tasks that are all manage by computers now. Thanks goodness for technology!

    Steph (Schmidt Staffer)

  3. Wow, that's a lot of books. Though I love technology (I work at a software company), I sometimes worry about situations like this. Once you switch over to being automated, there is no way to go back and I am not just talking about libraries! Oh well, I hope you got all your work caught up.

  4. Not to worry - the computer was up and running the next day - but I was reshelving books FOREVER!