Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week #3 Thing #6

As I was playing around on Flickr and looking at all the different tools that can be used, I first decided to try out the poster maker on   The site had so many different options.  I liked the idea of creating my own magazine cover.  The picture on the magazine cover was taken this summer at my house.  I love decorating with the American flag, so I thought a magazine celebrating patriotism would be fun.  I think this would be a fun tool for the classroom.  I also stumbled across a few other mashups that would be fun to try.  One was called Bubbler which can take your pictures from Flickr and make a comic strip out of them.  The other was called Captioner which will add captions to your pictures.  I like the thought of using these tools to help with my creativity (or lack there of).  I can see myself using them as a way to promote different activities and materials in the library.

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  1. thanks for sharing your processes, successes, and ways to apply tech (I like the magazine idea)