Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week #4 Thing #9

I went on a couple of the suggested sites for finding different feeds to subscribe to.  I liked Edublog and subscribed to the best library blog from the award-winning blogs.  I spent some time reading the posts on that blog and think I will learn a lot from that one.  When I clicked on the link for library blogs, I got an error message that said that page was no longer available.  Some of the sites, like, seemed a little confusing to use.  I also checked out Technorati for news feeds and wasn't getting the results I wanted.  I probably need to take the tutorial to find out better ways to search.
I had already done some searching on the google reader for Thing #8  for different sites to subscribe to - I found the searching on google reader to be very user friendly.  After subscribing to a few feeds and then checking them out, I decided against them and unsubscribed to them for various reason.  Also, when I did get some results, I decided against some that said they average 8+ posts a week.  I am so busy to begin with, I didn't want to have a crazy amount of information being thrown at me. 

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