Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week #5 Thing #11

I enjoyed looking through the list of Web 2.0 Award Winners.  There were many sites that I have been on before, several more that I have heard about but never tried, and many more that were completely new to me.  The one that really caught my attention was LuLu.  This is a site that lets you actually publish your work.  So for all of us who want to write a book, or just put together a photo album, or put together a book of poems written to you, this is the site you want.  You can use different templates on the site to enhance your work, and you can choose the layout of the book and the binding that you want.  Not only can you publish your work, but you can sell it, and you can buy works published by other people.  The site also lets you purchase an ISBN number and walks you through the steps to get your published work in bookstores.  I think this would be fun for personal use and in the classroom.

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